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Joseph Dominck

Executive Director

Joseph Dominick has been a resident of Tangipahoa Parish since early childhood. In 2000, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice, from Southeastern Louisiana University. In 2016, Joseph was conferred the Master of Public Administration degree from Louisiana State University.

It was in 1996 that Joseph began his work with the Florida Parishes Juvenile Justice District, coming aboard as an entry level officer at the detention center. By 2000, in just four short years, Joseph had worked his way through the subsequent ranks and was then promoted to the position of Captain, where he supervised one of the Center’s four shifts.

In 2005, the District recognized the national trend of improving conditions in juvenile detention through evidence-based programming, where Joseph assisted in the implementation of such programming at the Center. This change encompassed a completely different way of working with detained youth and ultimately set forth the evolution of the Center into becoming more a more effective provider at changing criminal thinking, while improving many areas of the Center’s daily operations.

Around this same time, Joseph was promoted to the Center’s Director of Female Services, as the need for diversified Gender Responsive programming was also recognized. Through this directorship, Joseph managed all facets of programming relative to the Center’s female population. This included the first ever long-term, residential placement, program for serious and/or habitual offender girls; contracted with the state through Louisiana’s Department of Public Safety and Corrections, Youth Services, Office of Juvenile Justice (DPSC/YS/OJJ).

Joseph later assumed the duties of Facility Manger for the Center, where he developed and supervised all of the capital projects for the District. This included two expansions of the detention facility and several large scale improvements to its physical plant. Here Joseph also became increasingly versed in the responsibilities of disaster and emergency management, functioning as the principal manager of such.

In March 2016, Joseph became the first employee of the FPJDC to move through every rank of the organization, when he was appointed by the Florida Parishes Juvenile Justice Commission as Executive Director for the Florida Parishes Juvenile Justice District; managing all of the District’s and Center’s operations.

Joseph is active in the juvenile justice industry throughout this region, the State of Louisiana, and nationally. He is also a member of the Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators (CJCA), where he regularly convenes with state level practitioners from across the country to study, discuss, and develop initiatives and best-practices within juvenile justice.