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Brandy Galmon, BSN, R.N.

Director of Health Services

Mrs. Brandy Galmon, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana began her career with a humble desire to help those in need within her own community as a registered nurse. After graduating from St. Mary’s Academy High School, she earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing (2004) at Dillard University. She has 20 years of professional nursing experience in a wide variety of healthcare settings, including but not limited to neurosurgery and rehabilitation, corrections, case management, and long-term care. Her healthcare experience spans across all generations with a focus on leadership and management. Currently, she is pursuing a master’s degree in nursing from Dillard University, while also preparing to obtain her Certified Brain Injury Specialty (CBIS) certification from the Brain Injury Association of America. 

Mrs. Galmon is interested in contributing meaningful change and positive outcomes to the lives of teenage mothers and their children in underserved communities. With a foundation rooted in exceeding expectations, her vision to make an impact beyond local borders began as a journey of exploring how she can not only make a difference but be the difference. She is steadfast in her commitment to reduce maternal mortality rates through accessible healthcare, transitional housing, education, empowerment, and capacity building. Her passion lives with public health and thrives through global community outreach. During her leisure, Mrs. Galmon enjoys planning outreach projects for her non-profit foundation in Ghana, West Africa. She envisions a world where teenage mothers can experience safe and empowering pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum periods. In August of 2023, Data News Weekly highlighted her international work and recognized “her extraordinary determination to create positive change on a grand scale.”